Universal liquidity optimization,
The most efficient way to manage your liquidity.

Unipilot helps you manage your liquidity position to maximize the returns over your investment.
Earn upto 100x more fees.



Get maximum fees with less monitoring

The pilot protocol ensures that every vault is in constant optimization that way you get the most amount of the fees everytime. We achieve this by a mechanism called concentration incentives.



Truly universal

Pilot protocol allows anyone to deploy their own liquidity vault. Each vault is managed by captains to ensure they’re always optimized.
No Restrictions! No Limitations!



Fully decentralized

The pilot protocol is designed in a way that ensures that the system will keep running without any external measures. The pilot protocol system is a self managed system that needs minimal external human interference.



Add liquidity with just one token

Want to add liquidity in USDT/DAI? But just have ETH? Let us do all the heavy lifting for you.We will take the ETH, swap those for USDT/DAI and provide liquidity in a single click.



Be a Captain

Automated bots built by us initially and then by community to ensure every vault stays optimal in a decentralized way.
Captains earn $PILOT tokens for every optimization.



Decentralized Goveranance

A community of $PILOT token holders governs the Pilot Protocol, the smart contracts that power Pilot protocol.
Become a token holder today and vote on key decisions.

Problems Solved By Unipilot

You’ll no longer have to monitor your liquidity.

No need of constant worrying about if your liquidity can get out of range. The Pilot protocol ensures that your liquidity stays in range, always.

You’ll no longer have to pay huge gas fees for optimizations

No need to pay huge gas fees for optimizing your liquidity or activating your liquidity again. Let the Pilot protocol take care of it.

You’ll no longer have to re-activate your liquidity

Pilot protocol makes sure that your liquidity always stays active by a mechanism called concentration incentives. This way you get the most out of your liquidity.

You’ll no longer have to use different protocol for each AMM

One Protocol to rule them all. The Pilot protocol will support all of the AMM’s that provide concentrated liquidity out of the box. No need of using different protocols and dapps for providing liquidity.

The $PILOT Token

The Pilot token is a governance/utility token that had a fair launch with no public/private sale. It will attain further utility with the Pilot protocol as new features are implemented.

Backed by hundreds of tokens

$PILOT token price will increase as more adoption happens, due to the unipilot index fund which will contain hundreds of tokens constantly backing the fund, the only way to access these tokens is to burn the $PILOT token.

Burn token to get underlying assets

The only way to access the underlying assets tokens is to burn pilot tokens. This, in theory, creates a collateralized backstop to the $PILOT token.

Index fund

The fees collected from the liquidity providers will go into an index fund which will back the $PILOTtoken.
The value of $PILOT token cannot fall lower than the underlying assets.
We estimate that as more users are joining the $PILOT protocol the value of $PILOT token will increase as the usage of protocol is directly proportional to more fees earned and added to the index fund.

A Product Of VoirStudio

VoirStudio is a development studio that builds new and innovative DeFi protocols and products. These innovations solve problems that cater to problems in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in particular.



Unipilot Roadmap

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021



Brains behind Unipilot

Taha haq

Business and Marketing

Taha oversees strategy, legal, marketing, and team coordination at Unipilot.
With the experience of co-founding two companies and being in the blockchain space for more than four years, he brings a lot of value to the Unipilot team.
While he is not busy working you can find him out exploring the mountains.

Asad is the backbone of Unipilot, from ideation to development.
He is an experienced individual with a proven record of developing innovative and production-grade decentralized applications and was responsible for the tech growth of few renowned organizations.

Rafaqat Ali

Full Stack Developer



Frequently Asked Questions

The idea for Unipilot was first envisioned when Uniswap released their article that outlined the features of V3. The concept of allowing LPs to concentrate their liquidity into smaller price ranges to earn more fees set the wheels in motion for a service that could optimise and automate the process on behalf of the users. We saw a gap in the market for a service that takes out the complexity of active liquidity management while maximizing capital returns

Unipilot aims to be the one stop solution for providing automatically optimised liquidity seamlessly across various AMMs.
Uniswap V3 is the first AMM that offers the “Concentrated Liquidity” feature to users. Once other AMMs start to offer this feature, Unipilot will be able to upgrade its smart contract to also interface with these AMMs and allow users to access them.

The inherent risk of providing liquidity on Uniswap V3 is that users are not able to earn any fees if the trading price moves out of range. Other risks include:

  1. High Management costs
  2. Topping up of additional funds
  3. Impermanent Loss

It is an automatically optimized container that holds the liquidity for a token pair. Users can create or join an already existing Vault to provide liquidity and start earning fees. For every Vault that is deployed, the protocol will interact with Uniswap V3 and generate an NFT that represents it.

Captains are people who help the Pilot protocol by optimizing a Vault’s liquidity, they can call readjustment functions within Vaults in order to rebalance “out of range” liquidity.
For this, they simply have to send a transaction either by using the interface provided in the Unipilot dapp or by running open source bot code provided by the Pilot protocol.

On each optimization the Pilot protocol will reimburse the transaction cost and pay a premium on top in $PILOT tokens.

It is a permissionless process, anyone will be able to initiate the readjustment functions. Captains can either call the functions themselves through the dapp or by setting up their own bots that will interact with the smart contract. Initially Unipilot will release open-source bots that will optimise the vaults, the community will be free to use them as a template to customise their own solutions.

The fees collected from the liquidity providers will go to an index fund which will back the $PILOT token.
The value of the $PILOT token cannot fall lower than the underlying assets.
As more users are joining the Pilot protocol the value of $PILOT token will increase as the usage of the protocol is directly proportional to the earned fees.

The Index Fund will comprise ERC20 tokens earned as fees from Vault liquidity pools. Any asset on the Ethereum blockchain can end up in the Index Fund as long as there is Vault for it on Unipilot and users are earning fees from it.

The $PILOT token can be purchased from Uniswap.

Optimize your liquidity now!

Want to earn higher yield, save on gas fees and time with no manual oversight?



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