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Your Liquidity on Autopilot.

Unipilot optimizes liquidity so you can earn higher returns and save on gas. For projects, increased capital efficiency reduces slippage and the cost of liquidity provision.

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How It Works

Step 1

Add or migrate liquidity to Unipilot.

Step 2

Unipilot manages your position on Uniswap v3, keeping it concentrated around the current price at all times.

Step 3

Sit back and relax knowing that you are always earning high returns.

Productive Treasury

The protocol takes a 10% cut of fees earned. This revenue is then used to reward PILOT stakers and to cover protocol expenses.


PILOT stakers receive 40% of protocol revenue paid in ETH. This gives the PILOT token strong utility and allows our community to benefit from the success of Unipilot. 

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BNB Chain


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Uniswap v3


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When Uniswap announced that Uniswap V3 would enable liquidity providers to concentrate their liquidity into tighter price ranges to earn more fees, we realized there was a need for a service that could optimize and automate the process to remove the complexities of liquidity management.

When you provide liquidity on Uniswap v3, you have to select the price range for your capital. Select a concentrated range and you can earn far higher fees. However, when the price moves out of this area, your liquidity becomes inactive and you stop earning any fees. 

Conversely, if you select a wide range, your returns will be limited. Unipilot selects the optimal range for your capital so you can earn higher returns and save on gas, as the protocol rebalances your position into a new optimal range on your behalf when necessary, and auto-compounds earned fees to increase returns.

Unipilot aims to be the one-stop solution for optimized liquidity across AMMs (Automated Market Makers) that offer concentrated liquidity. 

Unipilot currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and BNB Chain on Uniswap v3, and will soon add support for more networks and DEXs including, but not limited to, Optimism and QuickSwap.

The PILOT token can be staked to earn a share of protocol revenue paid in ETH every block. 

Revenue earned across all chains where Unipilot is present is shared with stakers on the Ethereum chain.

Returns earned by Unipilot users could be described as “real yield”, as they are non-inflationary and paid to you by traders on the underlying AMM (Automated Market Maker) such as Uniswap v3.

These traders are using your liquidity to buy and sell assets, and they pay a fee (typically 0.3% or 1%) which goes to liquidity providers. When your liquidity is optimized, you earn a higher share of these fees. 

Therefore, as long as DEXs are being used by traders, there will be returns for Unipilot users. The Unipilot protocol itself is sustained by a 10% tax on fees earned.

First and foremost, it is advisable to provide liquidity for tokens from projects that you like and trust. Active vaults, with the Pilot logo, are created and managed by Unipilot. 

You can also decide which type of vault to use: Wide, Balanced or Narrow. See our article for guidance.

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